AllTrax is a retort basket tracking system with an integrated telescoping loader, which Allpax says reduces the risk of product recalls and improves worker safety. Information about this new system will be incorporated into the company’s booth at Pack Expo 2018.

The system halts a basket’s progress if there is a deviation from the product’s proscribed course from loading to unloading. The fault must be cleared by authorized personnel for the system to resume.

The telescoping retort loader, which is pending a patent by Allpax, automatically moves retort baskets in and out of retorts, reducing risk of worker injuries caused by manually moving them. The loaders are compatible with one- and two-door configurations and can be used on any length retort.

Allpax is a brand of processing equipment under ProMach, a packing solution company. ProMach is based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, and manufactures its products in various locations worldwide.

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