SOUDERTON, PA. — SideDrive Conveyor Co. will exhibit its hygienic spiral conveyors at booth LS-6127 during PACK EXPO in Las Vegas from Sept. 27 to 29.

The spiral conveyors are modular, easy to clean and designed for several food and non-food product applications, including raw materials, unfinished “naked” goods and packaged foods. The system uses side drive, edge-driven technology by Intralox.

The conveyors can be configured in curved, spiral, winding or straight orientations and set for inclines as well as declines, all without the need to transfer to another conveyor. The supporting frame is stainless steel to promote hygiene, and a sloped surface on the conveyor prevents contamination via water buildup.

The system also features modular belting, rods and sprockets capable of withstanding high-pressure washdown, and minimal bolted connections to eliminate bacteria harborage points. The open, drum-less spiral design enhances the sanitation process, as well.

Additionally, SideDrive stated its lightweight conveying solution, paired with an even and transfer-less belt path, can help manufacturers reduce product loss by up to 80%.

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