TORONTO — On June 4, CULT Food Science Corp. shared that its subsidiary Further Foods Inc. launched the Noochies! cultivated pet food brand into Canada. Noochies! Freeze Dried Dog and Cat Snacks are available directly to consumers throughout the country via Noochies’ e-commerce platform. 

According to CULT, Noochies! Freeze Dried Dog and Cat Snacks are the world’s first freeze-dried, high-protein, nutrient-rich pet treats developed without the use of factory farming. The treats are formulated with Bmmune®, a patent-pending, cultivated nutritional yeast ingredient that is packed with vitamins and amino acids. Bmmune has been shown to exceed protein and amino acid standards, and even delivers postbiotic benefits rivaling those from plant-based sources. 

In addition to using Bmmune, Noochies! are developed using a patent-pending freeze-drying process, creating a super-premium, cruelty-free and eco-friendly nutritional product for pets. 

Noochies’ debut into Canada follows the brand’s successful foray into the US market, where, according to CULT, the brand received positive feedback for its nutritional benefits and sustainable production. 

“Expanding Noochies! into the Canadian market is a significant step for CULT,” said Mitchell Scott, chief executive officer of CULT. “This launch not only broadens our reach but also reinforces our commitment to sustainability and animal welfare. We believe Noochies! will resonate with Canadian pet owners who seek high-quality, ethical pet products.”

CULT expects strong demand for Noochies! in Canada and plans to expand the brand’s product offerings to include supplements and complete-and-balanced dog and cat foods in the coming months. Additionally, the launch into Canada will allow Noochies! to foster more partnerships with influencers in the pet community. 

In the recent months, CULT and Further Foods have lasered in on expanding the Noochies! brand. Further Foods most recently partnered with marketing agency Pilothouse Digital to help scale the brand’s direct-to-consumer sales in the United States, and will now expand that initiative to Canada. 

“Bringing Noochies! to Canada marks an exciting milestone,” said Joshua Errett, founder of Noochies! “Our treats offer meaningful health benefits and align with the growing trend towards responsible pet ownership and sustainable food sources.”

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