SEATTLE — Pet product distributor Pet Food Experts (PFX) announced April 1 it has partnered with Wet Noses, a producer of natural, human-grade pet nutrition products, to expand the brand’s distribution to independent pet retailers across the United States.

“We’re thrilled to announce the addition of Wet Noses to our brand portfolio at Pet Food Experts,” said Sean Kent, vice president of vendor development at PFX. “Their commitment to supporting independent pet channels and their utilization of premium human-grade ingredients not only distinguishes them from other brands but also seamlessly aligns with the core values of PFX.”

Wet Noses offers a range of human-grade options for pets, including its flagship Organic Crunchy Treats, which serve as an allergy-friendly, human-grade treating option. According to PFX, Wet Noses grinds its own peanut butter in-house for these treats. The brand also offers Oven Baked Food for Dogs, a new product line introduced in late 2023 that took six years to develop. The slow-baked dog food aims to meet demand for minimally processed diets while offering shelf stability, palatability and optimal digestion.

The company’s newest product line, Moments, puts the “treat” in treating through fun flavors and shapes, according to Wet Noses. The new treats include cheddar pretzels, apple cinnamon bears, cupcakes, donuts and other unique offerings aimed to “celebrate the diversity of pet parents and dogs,” the company stated. Packaging for the Moments line depicts a realistic range of breeds and pet owner skin colors.

“I have always admired Pet Food Experts’ commitment to sustainability and their history of celebrating their own team, as well as their customers,” said Jasmine Galligan, chief executive officer and founder at Wet Noses. “It is an honor to have them as our exclusive distributor covering the United States. Our long-standing golden rule is ‘if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t feed it to your dog,’ and we feel that Pet Food Experts is a perfect partner alongside Wet Noses to further the reach of truly healthy products for dogs everywhere.”

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