SASKATOON, CANADA — Bioriginal Food & Science Corp., a global Omega ingredient supplier and subsidiary of Cooke Inc., has announced the development of a sustainable line of Omega 3 fish, algal and plant-based oils using technology from POS (Proteins, Oils and Starches) Biosciences Corp., an ingredient and process technology provider for the protein, oil and starch categories. This line will provide Bioriginal and POS Biosciences with the opportunity to offer a sustainable supply of Omega 3 oils to pet and human nutrition markets.

In February, Bioriginal announced its acquisition of POS Biosciences, which provided Bioriginal with access to POS’s oil processing, concentration and distillation infrastructure, as well as R&D services.

“Sustainable sourcing practices are paramount to the success of the health and nutrition industry,” said Shannon Sears, president and chief executive officer of Bioriginal. “We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with companies such as POS and Cooke, who understand the benefits of leveraging technology to assist nature in providing essential Omega 3 nutrients for our families and pets.”

With a continued focus on preserving fish populations around the globe, Bioriginal aims to expand the market’s access to sustainable, environmentally friendly sources of fish and vegan Omega 3 oils. The new line of Omega 3 oils is sourced from sustainably managed fish secured in aquaculture facilities, algae harvested and then repurposed into a renewable production process as a self-replicating source, and flax oils managed through responsible farming practices in Canadian prairies.

The product line is traceable from farm to shelf. The oils are integrated with POS Biosciences’ capabilities to concentrate, refine, deodorize and blend oils, with customized flavor and odor properties. Developing these new products is Bioriginal’s latest step in collaborating with leading industry companies to combine consumer demand for Omega 3 oils with responsible sourcing practices.

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