SASKATOON, CANADA — Bioriginal Food & Science Corp., a global Omega ingredient supplier and subsidiary of Cooke Inc., announced Feb. 7 its acquisition of POS (Proteins, Oils and Starches) Biosciences Corp., an ingredient and process technology provider for the protein, oil and starch categories.

The acquisition provides Bioriginal with access to POS’s oil processing, concentration and distillation infrastructure, as well as R&D services, as it seeks to produce value-added ingredients for the human and pet nutrition markets.

With the addition of POS, Bioriginal now operates eight manufacturing facilities worldwide, supported by regional offices in the United States, the Netherlands and Japan. Bioriginal will also work through the 11 laboratories and six pilot plant processing setups facilitated by POS.

As part of the acquisition, Jim Shields has been named managing director of POS, which will continue to operate independently under Bioriginal ownership.

Thanks to the acquisition, Bioriginal will become POS’s largest customer, according to the company. The transaction marks Bioriginal’s fifth acquisition in the last 12 months. The company purchased Softgel in December 2023, and has also recently acquired Kroppenstedter Ölmühle of Germany, The Fatory in the Netherlands, and Cana Corp in Japan.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to acquire POS,” said Shannon Sears, president and chief executive officer of Bioriginal. “POS’s world-leading processing technology combined with its team of scientists in new product development will play a key role in driving innovation for the human and pet nutrition industries.”

POS Biosciences Corp., formerly known as KeyLeaf Life Sciences, was previously owned by Canopy Growth Corp. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

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