FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. — SynergyLabs, a producer of science-based pet care products, recently transformed its manufacturing facility into a modern, open workplace to foster collaboration. The transformation had led the company to be recognized as part of Great Paces to Work, an authority on workplace culture.

Based in North Carolina, SynergyLabs’ manufacturing facility is home to a laboratory and chemical batching equipment, as well as packaging and product development. It also includes a supplement production area complete with two twin-screw extruders for soft chew supplements, and seven liquid filling lines.

Recent renovations to the facility include more space for its employees to collaborate, develop new ideas, and test current and potential new products.

“At SynergyLabs, we’re constantly reevaluating our practices in order to find ways to improve,” said Richard Ticktin, founder and chief executive officer, SynergyLabs. “The addition of an open workspace at our state-of-the-art facility will further allow our team to work together as they conduct research and develop outstanding products that provide top value to pet owners around the world.”

In addition to the facility renovations, SynergyLabs has also passed its recent audits, boasting extremely high ratings, according to the company. The company earned 100% on its Eurofins GMP Audit, 99% on its Eurofins Dietary Supplement GMP Audit, and 99% on its SQF Audit.

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