KIDWELLY, SOUTH WALES — Burns Pet Nutrition announced its plans to release a new limited-edition dog food formula inspired by the Christmas holiday: Festive Turkey. The wet formula seeks to help pet parents include their dogs in family meals during the holidays.

Festive Turkey builds upon Burns Pet Nutrition’s Christmas Turkey recipe, which made its debut last year as a limited-edition formula and later became a permanent addition to the company’s lineup in the form of Wholesome Turkey.

Burns Pet Nutrition's new Festive Turkey wet dog foodSource: Burns Pet Nutrition

For this year’s holiday-themed, limited-edition dog food, Burns Pet Nutrition has ramped up the formula, adding additional “festive trimmings,” including potato, parsnip and carrot, to provide additional taste and nutrition. The formula is also hypoallergenic and grain free. It can be served as a complete-and-balanced diet to adult and senior dogs of all breeds and as a meal topper to puppies.

The new Festive Turkey wet food serves as a safe and healthy alternative to feeding dogs human food leftovers from holiday meals, like turkey and stuffing, which can pose harmful to a dog’s health, according to Burns Pet Nutrition.

“I’ve seen all too often pet owners feeding their dogs leftovers from Christmas lunch, which is high in salt and sugar, and can contain things like onions, which can be poisonous to dogs,” said John Burns, founder of Burns Pet Nutrition. “Not only can this be unhealthy, in many cases it’s harmful.

“We know that people don’t want their furry family member to feel left out, which is why we’ve created delicious alternatives to ensure dogs are still very much included in the festivities, whilst also ensuring they eat a healthy and nutritious Christmas day feast,” he added.

The new dog food comes in trays and is currently available at pet retail locations throughout the United Kingdom.

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