KIDWELLY, WALES — Burns Pet Nutrition unveiled its limited-edition, Christmas-inspired food and treats for dogs on Oct. 3. The limited-edition Christmas Dinner and Christmas Selection Box include wet and dry formulas and turkey treats.

The Christmas Dinner, also called Christmas Turkey Tray, is a wet dog food formulated with turkey, brown rice and carrots. The Christmas Selection Box includes the Christmas Turkey Tray food, as well as a bag of Turkey and Potato Grain Free dry food and a bag of Turkey Bites treats.

“I’ve seen all too often pet owners feeding their dogs leftovers from Christmas lunch, which is high in salt and sugar, and can contain things like onions which can be poisonous to dogs,” said John Burns, founder of Burns Pet Nutrition. “Not only can this be unhealthy, in many cases it’s harmful. We know that people don’t want their dog to feel left out, which is why we’ve created delicious alternatives to ensure dogs are still very much included in the festivities, whilst also ensuring they eat a healthy and nutritious Christmas day feast.”

The Christmas Selection Box is exclusively available via Burns Pet Nutrition’s e-commerce site, as is the Christmas Turkey Tray, which will also be available at in-store retail locations that stock Burns Pet Nutrition’s products.

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