KIDWELLY, WALES — Burns Pet Nutrition recently announced the return of its Wholesome Turkey wet dog food. The formula offers a single source of protein without added fillers to support dogs with food sensitivities.

Burns Pet Nutrition’s Wholesome Turkey diet originally launched at the end of last year as a limited-edition, Christmas-inspired formula. Following a complete sellout of the diet and consumer demand for more, the company has made the product available permanently, expanding its line of wet dog food.

“We were thrilled with the popularity of the Wholesome Turkey range last year that we had to bring it back as a permanent fixture in our wet food range,” said John Burns, founder of Burns Pet Nutrition. “This special recipe is hypoallergenic, gluten-free and made using all our natural ingredients. As with all our wet foods, we ensure it is suitable for adult and senior dogs of any breed, fussy eaters and even the most sensitive dogs.”

Wholesome Turkey is formulated with turkey, carrots, wholegrain rice, vitamins and minerals, providing a hypoallergenic, complete-and-balanced diet. The product can also be used as a topper to enhance Burns Pet Nutrition’s dry dog food formulas.

The formula will be available in 150-gram (about 5.3-oz) and 396-gram (about 14-oz) trays, as well as multipacks.

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