Although China historically dominates the worldwide sweet potato market, IQI deliberately sources sweet potato in Thailand. Being one the greatest exporting countries of tapioca and tapioca starch, the Thai farmers already meet the highest quality standards that multinationals demand. As the drying and pelleting infrastructure for the famous tapioca can also be used to process and dry sweet potato, farmers can easily switch between the two crops. This makes them less dependent on one or the other financially, while rotating crops keeps their soils healthy.

Continuing our history of strict quality control, IQI has developed its own vertically integrated supply chain of sweet potato pellets together with its partner. All of the production has the required GMP and HACCP quality certification for sweet potato, while our agreements with farmers guarantee sufficient supply of sweet potato. This makes Thai sweet potato a sustainable, clean and reliable source that guarantees a consistent sweet potato pellet quality with neglectable pesticide residues, while also bringing more stability to the local farming community. This is a true win-win-situation for everyone in the supply chain.