BRYAN, TEXAS — On Oct. 18, BioVeritas, LLC, a bio-based ingredients company focused on upcycling, announced it has recently initiated the second engineering phase for its first commercial production facility. According to BioVeritas, the completion of this critical engineering phase will mark a milestone for the company, bringing it closer to “revolutionizing” the ingredient industry.

Upon the completion of this second phase of Front-End-Loading (FEL-2), BioVeritas will have validated the facility’s design, completed cost estimates, finalized a construction schedule, and settled other critical decisions that will influence the final development of its facility. It is targeted for commissioning in 2026.

“BioVeritas is moving quickly towards turning our revolutionary technology into commercial reality,” said Stephen Toon, chief operations officer of BioVeritas. “We’ve already sent our high efficacy, neutral sensory, clean-label samples to some of the world’s largest food producers, and we receive more requests each month.”

BioVeritas has enlisted Wood PLC, a world-renowned engineering and consulting company that offers beginning-to-end engineering expertise, to lead the FEL-2 phase. The company has also contracted Koch Modular Process Systems (KMPS), a leader in process design, engineering and construction of specialized modular processing systems, to lead the extraction and distillation portions of the project.

“FEL-2 is a critical next step in our journey, requiring a significant investment of time and resources,” Toon said. “When completed, it will not only enable efficient construction of our first commercial production facility, but also send a clear signal to the marketplace that BioVeritas is indeed rapidly moving towards commercialization. The expertise and experience of Wood and KMPS will be invaluable in setting up BioVeritas for a high-quality plant construction and startup process.”

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