SOMERSET, NJ. — Gericke USA has upgraded its GMS Multiflux® line of batch mixers to include drive systems that can reduce energy consumption and electricity costs. The new drive systems are equipped with a permanent magnet motor that, according to Gericke, results in up to 12% improvements in efficiency compared to the previous model.

The process of batch mixing is prone to frequent starts and stops, which can impact efficiency. With the “ultra-premium efficiency” offered by Gericke’s new-and-improve drive systems, extended mixing times and atypical applications can reap an almost 6% improvement in efficiency through energy savings.

GMS Multiflux mixers are designed for use in food, nutrition, chemical and other applications. They are specifically suited for applications in which rising energy costs and process sustainability are a concern. Equipped with the new drive system, these mixers offer a range of speeds without compromising torque, resulting in consistent mixing across a variety of materials.

Additionally, the new drive systems provide quieter operation through reduced noise emissions. Equipment testing is available at Gericke’s laboratory in New Jersey.

Gericke’s GMS Multiflux line features a proprietary, horizontal double rotor design that can homogenize a powder and/or liquid mixture within 30 seconds. According to Gericke, the mixers can be integrated into fully automated operations and are compatible with Industry 4.0 and IoT standards.

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