SOMERSET, N.J. — Gericke USA announced April 7 the introduction of its new Multiflux® GMS Laboratory Mixer, a high-speed mixing technology incorporating the company’s proprietary double rotor design for fast, gentle and hygienic mixing.

The equipment is a low volume, tabletop model that can accommodate up to 20 liters of product, making it ideal for research and development, formulating and testing of new products. The scaled-down technology is based on Gericke’s batch mixers, which can accommodate up to 4,000 liters of product.

The GMS Laboratory Mixer marks the seventh model in the Multiflux line of custom mixing solutions. Materials are automatically directed to a fluidized zone and mixtures can achieve homogeneity within cycle times of 30 seconds or less, especially when mixing small quantities, Gericke stated.

The benchtop mixer is stainless steel in construction and features a full-size door to provide easy access to the mixing rotors, chamber and interior for cleaning.

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