CINCINNATI — ProAmpac showcased a variety of its film- and paper-based sustainable packaging offerings at SUPERZOO 2023. Among its many packaging solutions, the company highlighted its ProActive Recyclable® R-2000 series for treats, PRO-EVO® Recyclable grease-resistant paper bags and QUADFLEX® Recyclable quad bags at the show.

“We are excited to invite SuperZoo attendees to explore how our ‘Petfolio’ of products can add value to their supply chain, either through conventional or sustainable packaging,” said Ben Davis, product manager at ProAmpac. “Our newest sustainable products fulfill ProAmpac’s commitment to deliver recyclable packaging solutions that excel in performance and filling line efficiency.”

ProAmpac’s ProActive Recyclable R-2000D line consists of patent-pending polyethylene (PE). The line is specifically designed to replace conventional multi-material laminates, boasting a high-drop resistance and optimum stiffness.

The R-2000D line also features clean directional tear and improved puncture resistance specifically for pet treats. The packaging can run on high-speed, form-fill-seal (FFS) filling lines. It is available in standard and high-barrier is pre-qualified for store dop-off recycling.

PRO-EVO Recyclable is a patent-pending multi-wall paper self-opening sack (SOS) that is pre-qualified for curbside recycling. This packaging is ideally suited for dry pet foods, offering grease and edge-wicking resistance without the usage of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). PRO-EVO is available in standard and high barriers.

QUADFLEX Recyclable is a mono-material film-based quad packaging designed for high-speed filling lines. The packaging is available in both flat or pinched bottom and can be customized to include clear viewing panels and various finishes. This particular line is pre-qualified for recycling through in-store drop-off programs.  

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