ANDERSON, IND. — On May 14, Scout & Zoe’s launched three new dog treats, all made with novel proteins. The new treats include “Super Fly” Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) treats, Carp Bubblers and Kangaroo treats. 

Established in 2010 by Cynthia Dunston Quirk, Scout & Zoe’s specializes in pet nutrition products made with a diversity of novel proteins, as well as human-grade ingredients. According to the company, it was the first to introduce BSFL dog treats to the market in 2019. The company originally started producing antler chews and since has expanded to single-ingredient treats formulated with novel proteins, including frog legs, Asian Carp, BSFL, kangaroo and minnows. In addition to treats, Scout & Zoe’s also offers toppers and freeze-dried raw meals for dogs. 

“I started Scout & Zoe’s for my dogs, Zoe and Scout, who were highly allergic to a number of proteins,” Dunston Quirk said. “I couldn’t find a lot of options in the market — so I started my own company.”

Scout & Zoe’s “Super Fly” BSFL treats are available in jerky, treat and topper formats. Carp Bubblers treats are formulated with Asian Carp, an invasive fish species that have been damaging North America’s ecosystem. The Kangaroo treats are made with sustainably sourced kangaroo from Australia.

All the treats are produced in the United States in a USDA-inspected facility. 

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