The pet food and treat industry has embraced sustainability wholeheartedly, following trends in the human nutrition space. From packaging and material sourcing to operational advancements, sustainability has become part of nearly every aspect of pet food processing.

But with consumers demanding more eco-friendly efforts, sustainability can easily seem like a daunting task.

In this episode of More Than Kibble, Pet Food Processing Editor Kimberlie Clyma discusses this expansive topic with Caitlyn Dudas, co-founder and senior advisor of the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC). The episode dives deep into sustainability, covering the importance of a net-positive approach, measuring environmental impact, discovering opportunities, and how the PSC seeks to support the industry in its sustainable endeavors.

“Sustainability is a very broad and holistic term; it can mean so many different things to so many different people,” Dudas shared. “And sometimes that can be a cause for inaction because of the complicated nature of it. But one of the goals for us [PSC] is to really help every member company identify and define what is most impactful in our business — what are our biggest opportunities.”

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Show notes

(0:44) Introducing Caitlyn Dudas and the Pet Sustainability Coalition

(1:52) How sustainability has shifted in the pet industry since the founding of PSC

(5:59) The many definitions of sustainability

(7:31) Shifting from a linear business model to a “net positive” approach

(9:48) The importance of customizing sustainability plans to your business

(12:35) PSC’s priorities and support areas

(13:32) Measuring a business’s environmental impact and identifying opportunities

(15:41) Acting on those opportunities

(18:42) Celebrating sustainability wins through accreditation

(22:09) The pet industry’s biggest opportunities for sustainability

(24:38) Creating a community movement around sustainability

(34:05) The scoop from Impact Unleashed 2023

(38:57) Upcoming PSC events

(40:46) How will PSC continue to support the industry in the future?

(45:22) An inspiring parting message from Caitlyn

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