EMPORIA, KAN. — Industrial action company Tauber-Arons Inc. is auctioning off several pieces of pet food manufacturing and packaging equipment. The equipment ranges from fillers and robotics to palletizers, sleeve machines and more.

The auction is hosted online and will close at 11:30 a.m. CDT on Wednesday, June 21. It includes several “late model” pieces of equipment, including labelers, heat exchangers, weighers, conveyors, grinders, as well as:

  • A Bosch/Osgood Industries 10-oz. plastic tube filler from 2016
  • Two Bosch/Osgood Industries round cup fillers, one with a 9-cup capacity from 2017 and another with a 6-cup capacity from 2009
  • A Fuji Sea 300 US Sleeve Machine capable of sleeving cans, plastic cups and tubs
  • Robotics from Fanuc
  • An Alfi S.S. Steam Belt Cooker for emulsified and extruded pet food products
  • Two Alvey case palletizers
  • A Mettler Toledo Container Inspection System with automatic reject.

Equipment inspections are encouraged and are allowed by appointment. View the auction here.

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