VIENNA — On June 8, Mondi Group, a global packaging and paper supplier, announced a partnership with EW Technology, an Austria-based mechanical engineering company, to launch a new pallet wrapping machine. The paper pallet wrapping machine offers sustainability and efficiency benefits to small- and medium-sized production lines.

As part of the collaboration, Mondi combined its paper packaging expertise with EW Technology’s mechanical engineering capabilities to provide companies the ability to wrap pallets in Advantage StretchWrap Paper, a Mondi product. The new machine fills a gap in the pallet wrapping market, according to Mondi, offering a more sustainable solution that is both recyclable and renewable.

“Sustainable projects are close to our hearts and as a young team we are determined to make a positive contribution to the environment,” said Phillip Ertl, co-founder of EW Technology. “By taking a collaborative approach with Mondi we were able to learn exactly what was needed and work together to deliver a unique new offering in paper wrapping technology for palletized goods — one that will benefit companies across many industries.”

With two settings, the pallet wrapping machine can be automated to wrap 60 pallets per hour, or semi-automated to wrap 10 to 15 pallets per hour. The machine can take a full reel of Mondi’s Advantage StretchWrap Paper, replacing the need for multi-layer plastic. The machine also doesn’t need to be rewound when replacing reels.

Advantage StretchWrap Paper is developed with renewable materials and free from plastic or any coatings, making it fully recyclable throughout Europe. The sustainable paper also boasts excellent strength and high-tension absorption. According to Mondi’s Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Advantage StretchWrap paper has a 62% lower carbon footprint compared to standard virgin plastic stretch films.

Reels of Advantage StretchWrap come in larger dimensions compared to standard reels, reducing the frequency of replacement and increasing efficiency. Mondi’s reels can be replaced every 400 to 600 pallets, compared to those of plastic wrapping which must be replaced every 40 to 80 pallets.

“We work with brands across various industries and recognized that companies seeking to be more sustainable and with smaller outputs require a customized machine for paper pallet wrapping,” said Babicz Bartosz, product manager of Advantage StretchWrap at Mondi. “This machine will mean that customers can successfully and safely wrap their products in paper for transportation, work towards a more circular system and make a positive contribution to the environment.”

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