EVANSVILLE, IND. — To honor military veterans and their families, Midwestern Pet Foods (MPF) supported the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation on Memorial Day. A portion of all the pet food company’s sales went toward supporting the foundation.

The Children of Fallen Patriots seeks to raise awareness and funds to support children who have lost parents in the line of duty. The foundation offers college scholarships and educational counseling to children and also provides holistic care, including internship opportunities and job placements.

The foundation has helped support many children, including Johannah Bordelon, daughter of  fallen US Army First Sergeant Michael Joseph Bordelon.

“My entire life, I wanted to make my Dad proud and take advantage of the opportunities he has given me through his sacrifice,” Bordelon said. “The moment I contacted Fallen Patriots, they assisted with everything I needed. Knowing that I have extra help takes the burden of student loans off my shoulders. I am forever thankful.”

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