EVANSVILLE, IND. — Nunn Milling Co. and Midwestern Pet Foods will establish a settlement fund for a class action lawsuit regarding an expansive recall of its pet food products. According to the lawsuit, the company marketed and sold pet food products contaminated with dangerous levels of aflatoxins, as well as Salmonella.

The lawsuit involves about 130 different pet food products with varying packaging sizes and lot numbers. Midwestern Pet Foods issued a recall on the products in December 2020 after more than 110 dog deaths and 210 illnesses in dogs were linked to the affected products.

The pet food manufacturers have agreed to create a $6.38 million settlement fund to be used to pay cash benefits, class notice and settlement administration costs, attorneys’ fees and expense reimbursements, and service awards to class representatives.

The United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana will hold a final approval hearing regarding the settlement on Aug. 21, as well as listen to consumers who have asked to speak at the hearing.

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