DENVER — To celebrate 4/20 and National Pet CBD Day, Pet Releaf dispelled the common myths about hemp and CBD for pets.

Among the many myths, Pet Releaf shared that hemp and marijuana are not the same thing. Though both are members of the cannabis family, hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, whereas marijuana contains more than 0.3%. This distinction also makes CBD safe for pets.

According to Pet Releaf, full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD is safe and non-toxic with very low levels of THC, which means it cannot get pets high. Instead, the ingredient offers functional health benefits, supporting relaxation, and may provide some relief from discomfort.

Alongside its benefits, the company also revealed that hemp is a highly sustainable crop, requiring fewer resources compared to other crops. Hemp plants also absorb carbon dioxide and can promote soil quality, according to Pet Releaf. The company works with regenerative, sustainable hemp farms in the United States.

Until the establishment of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp was illegal throughout the United States. Now, hemp cultivation and processing is legal in most states, subject to specific regulations, therefore Pet Releaf’s products can be purchased in all 50 states throughout the country, according to the company.

CBD offers many uses for pets including:

  • Calming and relaxation support
  • Supporting healthy joints and flexibility
  • Helping keep dogs in peak health
  • Enhancing physical and mental wellbeing
  • Supporting immune, digestive and bowel health
  • Helping support skin health, itchiness and seasonal allergies
  • Providing management for hyperactivity and destructiveness

“We want to dispel the myths surrounding hemp and CBD and educate pet owners about the many benefits these products can offer their furry friends,” said Chelsea Gennings, president and co-founder of Pet Releaf. “By using high-quality, full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD products, pet owners can feel confident in the product they are purchasing.”

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