ORLANDO, FLA. — Pet Releaf, a hemp-based pet product company based in Colorado, announced Feb. 26 it has developed a line of veterinary products with more highly concentrated levels of CBD. The company said it has paired therapeutic levels of CBD with other functional ingredients to “pinpoint more severe ailments.”

Products include two kinds of essential oil capsules, one liposome tincture, and Rescue Sticks, full-spectrum honeys administered through oral syringes.

The oil capsules can be administered as a pill and are available in two formulas, both including ingestible essential oils. Play Again offers mobility support, while Clear Up promotes dogs’ natural abilities to fight infections, according to Pet Releaf.

The company’s liposome product is administered through a dropper and can be added to a dog’s food. When combined with food, Pet Releaf said the product is four- to seven-times more bioavailable than traditional sublingual oils. The product also contains sustainably sourced wild Alaskan red pollock oil.

Pet Releaf’s full-spectrum honey syringes are intended to address neurological disorders and can also be used for recovery after a neurological incident.

The new line, Pet Releaf Professional, was developed by the company’s team of veterinary professionals, Colleen Smith, DVM, CVA, CVCP, chief scientific officer at Pet Releaf, and Diana Drumm, DVM, CVA, CVCP.

"Formulated by veterinarians for veterinarians, the Pet Releaf Pro Line was built specifically to focus on pets that need a much higher level of CBD under the supervision of a medical professional," said Steve Smith, co-founder and president of Pet Releaf.

The company is currently conducting five different studies to determine the effect of these products on improving microbiome health in dogs.

"Incorporating CBD into veterinary practices can help pets suffering from a multitude of ailments in a more all-natural way, without the harmful side effects that are caused by pharmaceuticals," Colleen Smith said.

Steve Smith added, "Our veterinary partners have been asking for a more powerful CBD product to alleviate major health conditions, so we have created ground-breaking CBD formulations for specific conditions in the hopes of avoiding, or at least reducing, the need for conventional veterinary pharmaceuticals."

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