SHENZHEN, CHINA — BOTINKIT launched a new smart cooking appliance for pets, called Petco. The device allows pet parents to customize their pets’ food plan based on their specific needs.

The Petco appliance recommends pet food recipes and prepares formulas based on a pet’s specific breed, age, skeletal structure and gender. According to BOTINKIT, Petco is the world’s first smart cooking appliance solely for pets. The appliance seeks to provide complete-and-balanced nutrition to support both pets and their owners.

Petco’s spheric design consists of geometric shapes for each area: a triangle for the control area, a square for the viewing area and a circle for the cooking area. The appliance is made of 7-series aluminum alloy and includes a sandblasted and anodized steel finish with mirror-polished buttons.

The appliance also includes a screen, which displays a weighing scale detailing the formula’s weight, and a speaker. Petco has a large capacity, able to provide two meals at a time for a medium-sized dog.

According to BOTINKIT, the Petco device will soon be available throughout many countries.

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