PLEASANT PRAIRIE, WIS. — Tucker’s Raw Frozen, a division of Raw Basics LLC, unveiled its 20-lb bulk boxes of raw, frozen dog food patties. The company plans to showcase the bulk boxes at Global Pet Expo in March 2022 and will officially release the boxes in April 2022.

Each bulk box contains 20, 1-lb raw frozen patties available in nine different formulas: beef, chicken, pork and beef, pork and bison, pork and duck, pork and lamb, salmon, turf & surf, and turkey. To maintain food safety and freshness, each patty is individually wrapped and vacuum sealed.

All raw frozen patties are formulated with meat, organ, bone, marrow and pumpkin for digestive health. The company sources its human-grade meat exclusively from the United States and manufactures its food in a USDA facility.

“In response to requests from consumers and retailers, we’re excited to provide a 20-lb bulk option with 1-lb patties,” said Jeff Kalish, founder of Tucker’s. “The 20-lb box will be a big advantage to families with multiple or large breed dogs and finally gives bulk feeders an easier way to safely store frozen product because of our vacuum sealed patties.”

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