HYGIENE, COLO. — The Bear & The Rat launched its new single-serve dog food toppers, called Mighty Toppers, on March 1. The fresh/frozen toppers offer a convenient way for pet parents to introduce human-grade nutrition and a boost of hydration to their dog’s diet.

“Matt and I have been adding food toppers to our pup’s dry food for years,” said Meg Meyer, co-founder of The Bear & The Rat. “Typically, we use goat milk or bone broth that’s frozen and must thaw, but it’s one container that the consumer must use within a short timeframe. With the Mighty Toppers, pet parents can conveniently use toppers without worrying about whether the product is still usable if they forget, are traveling or want a more user-friendly option.”

The new Mighty Toppers are available in two varieties: Goat Milk and Bone Broth. Both formulas are human-grade and contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The frozen toppers must be thawed in the fridge for six to eight hours before being fed to pets.

The toppers are packaged in plant-based, biodegradable trays, offering six individually vacuum-sealed toppers per tray. The Bear & The Rat’s toppers are available in 9.6-oz boxes, offering a pack of six toppers.

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