ORLANDO, FLA. — Jolly Pets, a subsidiary of Tenth Avenue Holdings LLC (TAH), launched its first all-natural consumable pet treat at the beginning of the month. The new Fill’n Treat product will debut at Global Pet Expo in Orlando from March 22 to 24.

Jolly Pets spent more than one year developing and testing hundreds of formulations of the new Fill’n Treat product. The treat is available in a Peanutty Stuffer flavor and is formulated with three natural ingredients: roasted peanuts, palm oil and ground pumpkin powder. The treat can be squeezed into a dog toy.

“The talented team at Jolly Pets worked diligently to insure they had a 100% all-natural product for their first-ever dog treat,” said Charlie Rosse, chief executive officer of Jolly Pets. “That purposeful attention to excellence continues to exemplify the passion they have for focusing on the health and happiness of your pet.”

030723_Jolly Pets Fill'n Treat_Embedded.jpgSource: Jolly Pets

Fill’n Treat is free of gluten, preservatives, added sugars, salt, high fructose corn syrup, xylitol, and artificial flavors and colors. The treat is also ethically sourced and made in the United States.

“Our vision is not just to make a dog toy; it's to make a quality toy that will enrich your pet's life,” said Louisa Casto, head of marketing at Jolly Pets. “In addition to our latest products — the Jolly Dipper and Tree Tugger that was launched last year — we will be debuting a delicious dog treat even pet owners will want to eat. Now we not only have interactive toys to make your dog happy but yummy treats, as well.”

The new treat is available in a 5-oz tube for $7.99 and 1-oz package for $1.99 at Jolly Pet’s e-commerce site.

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