CHIERRY, FRANCE — From Oct. 18 to 19, ADM hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony, unveiling its new premix production line at its facility in Chierry. The line significantly expands the company’s capabilities.

The new premix line was added to help meet increasing consumer demand in pet nutrition. It will produce premium and functional premixes for use in dry and wet pet foods, treats and dietary supplements.

“Consumers increasingly turn to food and treats as a source of overall health and wellbeing for their pets,” said Jorge Martinez, president of pet nutrition at ADM. “We’re excited to continue investing in the pet nutrition space to help our customers meet these growing demands for high-quality, responsibly produced pet nutrition products.”

During the celebration of the new line, ADM’s customers viewed presentations on the pet food market, pet treat innovations, biotics in pet nutrition, and the new opportunities ADM’s premix line can offer. The company also conducted a tour of the production line.

“Our new pet premix capabilities allow us to explore new ways of blending specific ingredients, opening up incredible potential for innovation that helps position ADM as a go-to partner,” Martinez said.

The investment in the line is ADM’s latest within the pet nutrition space. In 2021, the company acquired a majority stake in PetDine, Pedigree Ovens, The Pound Bakery and NutraDine, significantly expanding its pet treat and supplement offerings.

Among the acquisitions, ADM has also reinvested in its facilities, adding a new pet food culinary kitchen and an extrusion line at its Animal Nutrition Technology Center in Illinois.

“More than ever, ADM’S expansive portfolio of top-quality ingredients allows customers to eliminate the complexity of sourcing ingredients and qualifying suppliers,” Martinez said. “ADM is the strategic partner for developing on-trend pet food and treat innovations for today’s pet owner's demands while ensuring unsurpassed safety and quality.”

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