MENLO PARK, CALIF. — NeoSpectra by Si-Ware, a developer of material analysis solutions using near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy, has launched its lab store. The NeoSpectra LabStore is the largest collection of NIR calibration models, according to NeoSpectra.

NIR spectroscopy provides accurate and reliable analyses of various foods, including animal feed, grains, agricultural products, flour milling and pet food, as well as polymers, chemicals and more. NIR analysis is quick, easy to use and doesn’t require the handling of hazardous chemicals, according to NeoSpectra.

Despite the advantages of NIR analysis, the process requires calibration, which often hinders the use of NIR spectroscopy outside a qualified lab. The NeoSpectra LabStore is hoping to address this challenge, providing users with access to a variety of ready-to-use, calibrated NIR models.

Through the LabStore, users can compare models to select the best one for their individual needs.

“The launch of the NeoSpectra LabStore is bringing us one step closer to our vision of bringing easy, accurate NIR analysis to any user no matter where they are or the resources they have available to them,” said Youssri Helmy, chief executive officer of Si-Ware Systems.

Currently, the LabStore offers more than 70 calibration packages and bundles, comprising of more than 1,000 prediction models that can measure protein, moisture, NDF, starch, fat and amino acid levels in grain, flour milling, animal feed, pet food and feed ingredients. The NIR models available through the store are developed with NeoSpectra’s partners, including AUNIR, Dairyland Lands and NutriControl.

“We are working closely with trusted partners to continually bring new applications to our NeoSpectra platform,” Helmy said. “These partners bring their decades of expertise and offer accurate and reliable NIR models at an affordable price. All models are presented to the user in a way that is as easy-to-use as the app stores found on the iOS or Android platforms.”

To celebrate the launch of the LabStore, NeoSpectra is offering a 30% discount on all NIR models until Oct. 31. The company is also offering special pricing on two analyses packages, complete with a NeoSpectra Scanner, accessories and NIR models from Aunir, AB Vista or Dairyland Laboratories, available at the World Dairy Expo from Oct. 2 to 7.

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