OAKLAND, CALIF. — Pet nutrition startup Because, Animals debuted its new sustainable cat treat line at SuperZoo 2022 from Aug. 23 to 25. According to the company, the treats accomplish “what was previously thought to be impossible,” a high-protein cat treat formulated without any animal-based ingredients.

The new Freeze-Dried Noochies! Snacks cat treat line is formulated with all natural ingredients, including Bmmune®, the company’s proprietary blend of nutritional yeast that contains high levels of protein and B vitamins, and fermented koji for additional gut health benefits. Developed without any animal-based meats, fats, meals or byproducts, the freeze-dried treats support immune health in cats.

“It’s the world's first truly sustainable cat treat," said Joshua Errett, co-founder and chief operating officer of Because, Animals. "For the first time ever, our retail partners can offer their customers a high-protein, super-tasty snack for cats that doesn't use the resource-intensive and greenhouse gas-emitting factory farming system.”

Freeze-Dried Noochies! Snacks for cats are available in a 1-oz package for $10.99. The company will also be offering a 3-oz package of its Freeze-Dried Noochies! Snacks for dogs.

In conjunction with the launch of the new cat treats, Because, Animals also announced a reformulation of its Baked Noochies! dog treat line. The line now includes Baked Noochies! with Peanuts and Baked Noochies! with Pumpkin to offer dogs more nutritional benefits in a gently baked biscuit treat. The packaging for the line has also been redesigned to include pouches made from single-use water bottles.

The Baked Noochies! dog treat line is available for $13.99.

The new cat treats and reformulated dog treats follows the company’s launch of line of pet supplements formulated with Bmmune.

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