WALLA WALLA, WASH. — On July 14, Key Technology debuted its new FM Alert software driven by artificial intelligence (AI). The new AI alert system can help processors control foreign materials entering product streams, as well as improving documentation and overall food safety. It will be a part of the company’s exhibit at Pack Expo in October at booth S-3547.

The AI system captures and saves images of foreign materials (FMs) that a sorter detects and rejects from its stream, with data available immediately to alert operators.

“Thanks to the application of advanced artificial intelligence, our new FM Alert software achieves uniquely accurate results — identifying, recording and acting on true FM findings on the line,” said Marco Azzaretti, director of marketing at Key. “The food processing industry continues to focus more and more on elevating food safety. By making product safer, this effective FM-fighting tool helps customers protect their brand’s reputation and avoid costly recalls. Every food processor wants to prevent contamination, making FM Alert universally beneficial across all applications.”

The new system automatically captures images and marks them to point out any FMs. The systems can also be customized to visually and audibly alert operators for specific FMs that need to be handled immediately.

Key’s Discovery software, which collects, analyzes and shares data on processing and sorting, can be used on the new FM Alert system. By pairing Discovery with the FM Alert, processors can gain insights into FM frequencies and types, potentially reducing the amount of FMs and improving food safety.

The AI FM Alert system is available on all of Key’s digital sorters, including its VERYX model, and can serve as an upgrade for already installed digital sorting equipment.

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