CHILLIWACK, BRITISH COLUMBIA — Petcurean announced May 22 it has partnered with United Petfoods to expand its manufacturing and presence throughout the European Union (EU). Through the new partnership, Petcurean will have access to United Petfood’s production facilities in Europe, expanding its product offerings and capabilities in the region.

According to Petcurean, the partnership aligns with increasing consumer demands within the EU for premium pet foods, ensuring secure supply while also advancing product innovation.

“Petcurean is thrilled to be partnering with United Petfood to streamline our premium pet food offerings across Europe,” said Tracey Pham, director of international marketing at Petcurean. “United Petfood shares the same values of sustainability across business operations, as well as partnerships with customers and suppliers that we value at Petcurean, making this a symbiotic relationship that we look forward to further cultivating.

“From day one, our mission has always been to put pets first by providing premium-quality recipes for cats and dogs around the world,” Pham added. “By working with United Petfood, we will be able to provide the same quality of food formulated by expert nutritionists that our customers have come to expect, while also reaching new retail partners and customers and improving our carbon footprint in the process.”

As part of the partnership, Petcurean’s NOW FRESH and GO! SOLUTIONS brands will be manufactured at United Petfood’s 17 state-of-the-art production facilities throughout the EU, each with specialized teams and production capabilities. The partnership will also allow Petcurean to export its products to more than 80 countries, increase distribution, improve customer service, decrease the company’s global shipping impact and more.

As an environmentally conscious company, Petcurean has also ensured that its partnership with United Petfood will operate with sustainability top of mind. The companies will use locally sourced ingredients and raw materials, increase energy and waste efficiency by using windmills and solar panels, and create more sustainable partnerships with suppliers and customers.

“At Petcurean, we are committed to practicing sustainability wherever and whenever possible to reduce our overall global carbon footprint,” said Shelly Hein, vice president of operations at Petcurean. “Having a presence in the European market through United Petfood is a great start, allowing for shorter shipping distances. We are also committed to innovative products that use trusted and locally sourced ingredients and implementing a packaging transition with the use of sticker labels to accurately reflect the product in the bag instead of generating unnecessary waste by replacing all existing packaging, among other initiatives.”

Pet food products processed at United Petfood’s facilities are expected to begin shipping throughout Europe in the fall of 2022, with all products fully transitioned to the co-manufacturer’s facilities by the end of 2022.

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