GRAZ, AUSTRIA — ANDRITZ, an international technology and equipment supplier, announced that it would be launching three new equipment innovations for the animal and aqua feed markets at VICTAM International 2022, which will occur May 31 to June 2. ANDRITZ will showcase its Micro Feed System, 3-Rolls Assembly Upgrade for the Paladin 2000 and the Metris Vibe.

The Micro Feed System is an extruder designed for aqua feed. With a size of less than 2mm, the system can increase capacity by 40%, compared to a running micro feed on standard extrusion lines. According to ANDRITZ, the system represents a major breakthrough for the aqua feed industry.

ANDRITZ’S 3 Roll Assembly Upgrade for its Paladin 2000ANDRITZ’s 3 Roll Assembly Upgrade (Photo courtesy of ANDRITZ)ANDRITZ’S 3 Roll Assembly Upgrade is an automatic roller adjustment system for animal feed processors. The upgrade is part of ANDRITZ’S Paladin 2000 and provides adjustable spacing between die and rolls to allow producers to set distances more accurately between different recipes in a single pellet mill. The upgrade will help producers increase pellet quality and capacity.

The Metris Vibe is an integrated solution for condition monitoring for the feed industry. The wireless vibration system can sense temperatures to help monitor the status of all mechanical equipment. The sensors are extremely durable, providing the capability to work in rough environments. According to ANDRITZ, the Metris Vibe can aid in lowering operational costs due to its predictive capabilities, providing an increase in uptime and higher production reliability and improving safety.

ANDRITZ's new Metris VibeANDRITZ's Metris Vibe (Photo courtesy of ANDRITZ)

As well as its three new equipment innovations, ANDRITZ offers many other equipment and technology solutions for animal feed, aqua feed, biofuel and pet food industries through its division ANDRTIZ Feed and Biofuel.

“ANDRITZ innovates on all of its activities, from design of equipment, engineering of solutions up to its wide range of services,” said Stefan de Roo, global marcom manager for ANDRITZ Feed and Biofuel. “We are a global partner for complete plant solutions for feed, pet food and biomass industries, based on customers’ exact specifications at the lowest possible total cost of ownership. Our experts are looking forward to welcoming people to the booth [at VICTAM] in-person, to share ideas and experiences, and to demonstrate that, with the industry’s most trusted services, we are always there for our customers.”

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