DANBURY, CONN. — Linde will introduce the NITROBOOST™ supplemental refrigeration system and the CRYOCONNECT® RM remote monitoring system at the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, scheduled from Jan 25 to 27 at the Georgia World Congress Center. The new systems will allow manufacturers to better manage their existing refrigeration and freezer systems.

The NITROBOOST™ system is powered by liquid nitrogen and can be used with existing mechanical tunnel, spiral and blast-style freezers. The supplemental system provides tighter temperature control, increased freezer capacity and may also help avoid production downtimes.

“The NITROBOOST™ supplemental refrigeration system was designed to deliver a rapid and flexible increase to the refrigeration capacity,” said Chris Johnson, business development director, Linde. “Since the system operates on an as-needed basis, it’s cost-effective for optimizing capacity without investment in new equipment or facility renovation. And we have designed NITROBOOST™ units specifically for mechanical spiral and tunnel freezers, and for blast-style freezers, so it’s quite versatile and gives manufacturers options to match their technology.”

The self-contained, compact NITROBOOST™ system features heat exchanger coils, a defrost mechanism and necessary controls. The system uses a storage tank of liquid nitrogen carried by a pipeline to the coils and released into the refrigeration system.

The CRYOCONNECT® RM remote monitoring system will allow for easier monitorization for Linde cryogenic freezers by including online access to a freezer’s data and operations. The remote will also offer customizable reporting, mobile alerts and access to historical data. The monitoring system can be installed onto existing Linde tunnel and spiral freezers.

“The CRYOCONNECT® RM remote monitoring system gives food manufacturers better information for managing the performance of their cryogenic freezers,” Johnson said. “Current and historic operational data is accessible online, so authorized personnel can see and analyze the ongoing freezer operation. We’ve also made the reporting function more robust to facilitate performance review and planning.” 

Linde’s remote uses operational sensors on a cryogenic freezer to collect data and connects data to managers, operators, analysts and Linde technicians when necessary. According to the company, the remote system will help with troubleshooting and will optimize overall operation.

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