BURR RIDGE, ILL. — BAK Food Equipment shared on June 28 a range of grinding solutions from Nowicki and N&N Nadratowski that can offer reliability, flexibility and precision for a variety of food processors, including pet food manufacturers.

The grinder portfolio includes various sizes and functionalities, including the Nowicki W-130A, which is ideal for smaller processors. The automatic meat grinder is equipped with two angular worms which feed and press meat into a minced format.

Specifically for pet food producers and larger meat and fish operations, Nowicki’s W-200 B and W-280 B automatic angle grinders are equipped to handle fresh and frozen meat blocks as cold as -8°F. Operators can preset granulation levels for their specific needs. The system features open-top grind toppers and angular worms to feed and press into the extrusion cutting area. BAK Food Equipment described these stainless-steel grinders as “rugged, smooth and easy to clean.”

Similarly, the Nowicki W-130, W-160 and W-200 angle grinders are ideal for grinding fresh and frozen meat as cold as -4°F. BAK Food Equipment noted these three systems can also be used in meat, fish and seafood, confectionary and pet food processing, among other applications.

“Whether you are looking for a small solution or in need of multifunctionality, we have the right grinder for any food processing operation,” said John Bobak, founder and chief executive officer of BAK Food Equipment. “Our grinders offer the precision, speed and cleanliness required by today’s food processors of any kind.”  

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