FORT COLLINS, COLO. — PetDine received an excellent Safe Quality Food (SQF) audit rating on its newly expanded Harvard, Ill., manufacturing facility by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) on May 17. The 210,000-square-foot facility was awarded a 97 out of 100 rating based on its ability to produce safe, high-quality supplements, treats and food for pets.

“We stress safety and quality so our clients have one less thing to worry about and can focus on bringing industry-leading products to pet owners worldwide,” said Preston Munsch, chief executive officer of PetDine. “The SQF certification process opens PetDine’s doors to third-party inspection and critique. Earning such a high rating is proof of our team’s dedication to producing the highest quality pet products on behalf of our clients.”

052022_PetDine SQF rating_Embedded.jpg

PetDine’s Harvard facility has been SQF certified since 2019. Following the company’s appointment of Victor Martinez Rodriguez to plant manager of the facility, PetDine has increased its food safety efforts. The facility and its employees participated in SQFI’s SQF Code Edition 9 certification, a rigorous process that involved passing an audit, reviews of documentation, interviews with facility staff, and a significant assessment of the facility. The SQF Code Edition 9 process also requires companies to identify and mitigate potential risks and hazards that can occur when manufacturing pet food and treats, among many other food safety measures.

The audit process was led by Carlie Gabrys, quality assurance manager and SQF practitioner at PetDine, and Jennier Zazula, food safety coordinator at PetDine. To maintain its excellent SQF rating and certification, PetDine will participate in regular audits.

“We hold the SQF certification with such esteem,” said Jorge Martinez Carrillo, president of ADM Pet Solutions, parent company of PetDine. “Earning an excellent rating is no small feat, and we are proud of the PetDine team for obtaining this important designation toward becoming a world-class facility.”

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