SAN FRANCISCO — Fuzzy, a digital pet health company, announced its acquisition of Dandy, a personalized pet supplement company, on May 5. In conjunction with the acquisition, Fuzzy has appointed a new vice president of strategy and business operations.

“Pet care has dramatically changed over the past decade, going from reactive emergency care to a more thoughtful, proactive care approach,” said Zubin Bhettay, co-founder and chief executive officer of Fuzzy. “At Fuzzy, we know there is no one-size-fits-all care plan and we’re on a mission to provide access to care that meets the needs of all our pet parents. Through Fuzzy's healthcare and e-commerce work, we're able to tailor our offerings to suit the needs of the 50 million new pets added to the population in the past three years.”

Dandy's personalized pet supplement treatsDandy's pet supplement treats. (Source: Dandy)

Founded by Danielle Sobel in 2015, Dandy offers about 15 different supplement treats that can be customized to fit a pet’s specific needs. The company’s products are developed with the expertise from three veterinarians. Dandy’s supplement treats are non-GMO, all natural and are made in the United States.

“Navigating the pet care system is confusing, frustrating, and expensive, which is what sparked the founding of Dandy, after my own experiences caring for my three dogs,” Sobel said. “Dandy and Fuzzy were built with the same mission – to improve the lives of our pets through thoughtful, personalized care. I believe this partnership will fundamentally change the way pet parents tackle pet health, from daily wellness to emergency care, and everything in between.”

As a Fuzzy brand, Dandy will continue to develop personalized pet supplements while also expanding its reach with the help of Fuzzy’s platform. Sobel will remain with Dandy, directing community building and influencer marketing for the company. As part of Fuzzy, Dandy has plans to expand its distribution to major retailers by 2023.

In addition to the acquisition, Fuzzy has also announced the appointment of Kate Coughlin Stern to vice president of strategy and business operations. Stern will direct operational strategy, overseeing growth and strategic planning by seeking potential M&A opportunities for Fuzzy. Prior to Fuzzy, Stern worked with UberEats and Homebrew, gaining experience in logistics and company expansions.

“Welcoming both Dandy and our new vice president of strategy and business operations, Kate Coughlin Stern, to the Fuzzy team will only further accelerate our goal to bring personalized pet care to the masses,” Bhettay added.

According to Fuzzy, the additions to its company follow unprecedented growth in personalized pet telehealth and e-commerce demand. In 2021, Fuzzy witnessed a 533% increase in telehealth consultations and a 447% increase in e-commerce revenue. With such significant growth, the company is planning to launch a retail partnership, offering consumers subscriptions and store credits on its pet products.

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