PORTLAND, ORE. — Portland Pet Food Company (PPFC) announced its expansion into cat products March 21 with the release of two new human-grade meals. These are the first products from PPFC formulated for cats. The new Homestyle Meal formulas include Boots’ Salmon N’ Pumpkin and Luke’s Chicken N’ Pumpkin.

The Oregon-based manufacturer’s new line for cats is sourced and made in the United States and intended to be used as a rotational meal or topper to provide a fresh, natural boost to a cat’s regular diet.

“Ever since I started the company in 2014, I had eager cat parents asking me, ‘Where’s the cat meals? You are named Portland Pet Food Company after all!’ and I am happy to say the cat is officially out of the bag,” said Katie McCarron, founder of PPFC.

Both new cat formulas are fully cooked, ready-to-eat meals featuring whole-food limited ingredients. They are free from grain, gluten, wheat, supplements and additives and are easily digestible for cats with digestive issues and food sensitivities.

“It’s no surprise that the pandemic has increased demand across all pet food categories, but that demand has come with increased supply chain challenges too,” McCarron said. “We’re excited to have a product that is wholly sourced and made in the USA – it allows us to respond more quickly to changes in demand.”

PPFC will have the new products on display at Global Pet Expo from March 23 to 25 at booth #1155. The Boots’ Salmon N’ Pumpkin and Luke’s Chicken N’ Pumpkin Homestyle cat meals will be available in stores in June.

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