NORTH YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND — Inspired Pet Nutrition (IPN) announced earlier this month it has become carbon negative as part of its Positive Pawprint project, which aims to address green energy, packaging sustainability, social responsibility and community engagement.

The British pet food manufacturer operates two facilities in England, one in Thirsk for dry pet food manufacturing, distribution and administrative offices, and another in Kinmel where it produces baked and wet products. The company produces Harringtons and Wagg brands.

“Lots of companies are now promising to address climate change in the coming years, which is good to see – but we didn’t want to set a distant future pledge for something that could be done today,” said Richard Page, chairman of the company. “Sustainability isn’t new to us, it’s part of our DNA as we’ve always tried to make the right choices for people, pets and the planet and led the way when we launched Harringtons into compostable bags back in 2008.”

IPN also shared it has offset the annual carbon outputs of all of its employees, as well as plans to plant one native British tree for every person working at IPN as part of its goal to plant 1 million trees across the United Kingdom.

The company will continue to reduce its environmental footprint by reducing plastic use and transitioning to recycled or recyclable materials. According to the company, 99% of the packaging for IPN products are recyclable.

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