AUBURN, KY. — Shortly after launching its new High-Protein Biscuits, Champion Petfoods, Inc. introduced a new dry cat food line under its ORIJEN® brand. ORIJEN GUARDIAN 8™ is designed to provide functional health benefits while relying less on formula supplementation. 

According to the company, the GUARDIAN 8 formula includes fewer supplements compared to the top 20 leading dry cat food brands, on average.

"ORIJEN GUARDIAN 8 is a nourishing diet that helps with the wellbeing of adult cats by providing quality ingredients that offer eight specific health benefits," said Darcia Kostiuk, DVM, in-house senior veterinarian at Champion Petfoods. "It contains high levels of protein from animal ingredients that cats need and the functional benefits are supported by nutrients from the abundance of WholePrey ingredients."

Kostiuk and other nutritionists at Champion developed the formula to include fresh or raw poultry and fish as the first five ingredients to match the company’s Biologically Appropriate and WholePrey nutritional philosophy.

The diet includes EPA and DHA from wild-caught fish, as well as antioxidants from fruit and vegetables to support a healthy immune system. Prebiotics from dried chicory root and fruit and vegetable fibers are included to aid digestion, while wild-caught salmon, mackerel, herring and pollock deliver fish oils rich with Omega 3 to support skin and coat health and mobility.

Additionally, the diet features naturally occurring taurine from poultry, fish and eggs to promote heart health, naturally occurring arginine from poultry and fish to support cognitive function, and animal-based vitamin A for eye health.

"At Champion Petfoods, we're committed to giving pets the greatest opportunity to thrive, and overall health starts with the food they eat," commented Billy Frey, director of ORIJEN Cat. "We're excited to introduce ORIJEN GUARDIAN 8, which includes fewer supplements compared to the top 20 leading brands based on recent national sales data."

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