PHOENIX — Dogtopia, a pet services and daycare provider, announced Oct. 20 it has partnered with NutriSource Pet Food (formerly known as Tuffy’s Pet Foods) to stock NutriSource dog food products in all its daycare centers across North America.

The partnership will also place NutriSource dog treats in the Dogtopia Foundation’s treat machines, which are also located in many of the more than 170 Dogtopia locations across North America.

"NutriSource is always looking for opportunities to partner with likeminded organizations like Dogtopia who focus on the wellbeing and quality care of our pets while staying committed to giving back," said Charlie Nelson, chief executive officer of NutriSource Pet Foods. "Our company is driven by answering the question, what good are we if we aren't trying to make a difference, and our partnership with Dogtopia and the support of the Dogtopia Foundation is a great opportunity to further that mission."

NutriSource was founded in 1964 and offers a variety of dry dog food formulas targeting pets’ individual needs, including weight management diets, high-performance formulas and age-specific foods. The brand strives to address whole health and nutrition with ingredients that support digestion, proper nutrient absorption, cognitive function, and healthy skin and coat.

Dogtopia will now offer NutriSource diets as a convenient option for pet owners who do not bring — or forgot to bring — their own dogs’ food to the daycare facility. Additionally, pet owners who make a donation to the Dogtopia Foundation at participating locations will receive a token to get a treat out of the treat machine, which will also be stocked with NutriSource products.

"Dogtopia's commitment to families and their dogs' wellness aligns perfectly with the values of NutriSource, a third-generation family-owned business, so we are excited to partner with them to provide our dogs with healthy and nutritious food and treats," said Neil Gil, president and chief executive officer of Dogtopia. "We always work with the best of the best for our pet parents and their dogs, and this collaboration with NutriSource aligns perfectly with our overall wellness focus, delivering on diet and nutrition, while giving back to humans in need."

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