KENNESAW, GA. — Unibloc Pump announced Sept. 8 it has acquired Flotronic Pumps, a manufacturer of specialized air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps and accessories based in the United Kingdom. Flotronic Pumps’ portfolio will complement Unibloc’s collection of positive displacement pumps, strainers, valves, bubble traps and other sanitary flow solutions.

Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Flotronic will continue operating under its own name following the acquisition. Chris Stevens, chief executive officer of Unibloc, will join the leadership team at Flotronic to provide business marketing, management and sales support.

“This acquisition is a perfect hand-in-glove fit for Unibloc Pump,” Stevens said. “Unibloc Pump and Flotronic Pumps are ready to drive accelerated growth by offering customers products and solutions fueled by our passions for innovation, safety, and simplicity in maintenance to avoid downtime and increase efficiencies.”

Founded in 1990, Flotronic Pumps is known as the inventor of the “One Nut” AODD pump, which has a single-bolt design that can reduce downtime, simplify assembly and disassembly, and offer savings on maintenance costs. The company serves more than 1,000 companies globally.

“What we really like most of all about joining the Unibloc Pump family is that we share many of the same cultural values of simplicity in product design, quality in products, unabashed customer-focus, deep industry expertise, and a penchant for strong innovation,” said Leighton Jones, director of sales at Flotronic Pumps. “These qualities will ensure that Unibloc Pump and Flotronic Pumps will be successful moving forward by flourishing through common bonds.”

According to Flotronic, the company has seen “significant growth” of its business in the European and North American markets. Unibloc operates a European business — Unibloc-R&H GmbH headquartered in Beckum, Germany — but hopes to complement that existing business with Flotronic’s footprint.

Through the acquisition, Unibloc will be able to leverage Flotronic’s operations, manufacturing, sales and distribution networks in the United Kingdom and other European markets, while Flotronic will leverage Unibloc’s Kennesaw facility to support operations, manufacturing, sales and distribution in North America.

“Important to this acquisition is that both companies share complementary market footprints,” said Stuart Whitehouse, owner of Flotronic. “The combination will enable Unibloc Pump to grow its UK and European business, while also giving Flotronic Pumps an unmatched North American foothold. That should pay off in greater market   coverage and increased overall value delivered to the customer.”

In January 2021, Unibloc Pump was acquired by Chicago-based private equity firm May River Capital.

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