NACKA, SWEDEN — AstaReal, a natural astaxanthin supplier, introduced NOVASTA® this week, an antioxidant-rich pet food and feed ingredient, into the European market. The company dubs astaxanthin as “nature’s most powerful antioxidant.” 

The ingredient is derived from Haematococcus pluvialis, a species of microalgae known to benefit muscle, eye, brain and immune system health in animals. The ingredient can be used in formulations for all kinds of animal feed, including companion animal diets, livestock and aquaculture feed.

Astaxanthin powderAstaxanthin powder. (Source: ©ROBYNMAC - ISTOCK) 
AstaReal specifically noted NOVASTA’s ability to support mobility, muscle health, attentiveness, weight management, eye health and endurance in companion animals. The ingredient can improve antioxidant activity, liver function, lipid metabolism, and skin and coat health in dogs, the company stated.

NOVASTA is also a source of carotenoids, proteins, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids to support overall health and wellness for companion animals, livestock and farmed fish, according to AstaReal.

As it is sourced from microalgae, NOVASTA also poses sustainability benefits. The ingredient can be used in dry and wet pet food formats, powder mixes, extruded treats, soft treats, liquid solutions and other formats.

AstaReal AB is a division of AstaReal Group, which is itself a subsidiary of Fuji Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.  The AstaReal brand offers natural algal astaxanthin products for various global markets.

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