FORT COLLINS, COLO. — On July 20, PetDine introduced a six-point sustainability plan to reduce its carbon footprint in manufacturing and source more eco-friendly materials.

The company chose six measurable goals, which include: using 100% renewable energy to produce product by 2025; incorporating 25% sustainable ingredients into each product by 2023; promoting the recyclability of product packaging on 75% of its clients’ products by 2023; sourcing all plastic jars with post-consumer recycled content by 2023; using 95% recyclable packaging by 2021; and supporting employee involvement through a Green Team program, in which the company will host clean-up days, recycling initiatives and activism activities for its team.

Currently, PetDine has succeeded in using 95% recyclable packaging for its products and is halfway to reaching its renewable energy goal.

“We are proud that so many of our clients’ brands are in homes all across the world, improving the lives of pets everywhere,” said Preston Munsch, chief executive officer at PetDine. “Sustainability is a core value of our company, and we believe it’s our responsibility to continuously move the needle in making products that lead to healthier, more sustainable lives.”

In June, the co-manufacturer hired Amelia Den Boer as sustainability manager to lead its strategic sustainability initiatives. She will work internally with PetDine employees and externally with its customers and suppliers to implement more environmentally friendly practices.

“Healthier ingredients, reduced waste and sustainable energy are areas of concern affecting every living being,” Den Boer said. “PetDine is a thoughtful, innovative company intent on building a healthier future for all two-legged and four-legged friends who walk this planet.”

The private-label pet product manufacturer also released an official Sustainability Statement, which reads: “Everything we do is for the health of pets. That is why we are committed to protecting the planet we share by increasing our efforts toward a sustainable future. Through innovation, engineering and consultation, we are advancing sustainability operationally and teaming up with our clients to multiply global impact. We have an opportunity to make a change, and it is our responsibility to reduce our ‘pawprint’ continuously.”

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