MEQUON, WIS. — Fromm Family Foods on May 13 announced the launch of two new dog treats under its Crunchy Os portfolio. Peanut Butter Jammers™ offer a sweet, classic “crunch factor,” while Slammon’ Smoked Salmon treats feature savory flavors.

The company’s new Peanut Butter Jammers made their debut on retail shelves in April. The crunchy dog treats are formulated with peanut butter, strawberry and blueberry flavors. Each treat is two calories, making them ideal for training and positive reinforcement, Fromm stated.

The peanut ingredients included in this formula deliver fatty acids that support skin and coat health, as well as dried whey protein for digestibility.

On the savory side, Slammon’ Smoked Salmon Crunchy Os include smoked salmon and sweet potatoes. Also weighing in at two calories per treat, this salmon option is a good alternative for dogs who may be sensitive to chicken or beef proteins, the company reported.

Both formulas also include fruits, vegetables and whole grain sorghum.

“We are delighted at how the industry embraced our entrance into the treat market,” said Bryan Nieman, brand director and fifth-generation family member at Fromm Family Foods. “This next expansion offers more variety to current and future fans and helps continue our tradition of innovation and the development of truly unique products for pets.”

Like all other Crunchy Os, each formula features its own mascot. Peanut Butter Jammers are represented by “Nutzo the Great,” a daredevil-esque peanut, and “Slammon’ Sammy Rivers” is featured on the packaging for Fromm’s new salmon-flavored treats.

Fromm Family Foods is a fifth-generation, family-owned and operated company producing premium pet food and treats specifically for neighborhood pet retailers. Both products will be available at select pet specialty stores this spring.

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