ISLANDIA, N.Y. — Festo Corporation, a manufacturer of pneumatic and electromechanical systems, components and controls, has introduced a new set of filtration products to lower particle contamination risks for food processors.

The new MS series is applicable for the pet food, cold food processing, baking, dairy, produce, processed food and beverage industries. The filtration solutions meet the highest clean air standards and are available with custom add-ons.

Clean, compressed air used by these filtration systems “enhances the longevity and efficient operation of pneumatic cylinders and processes,” Festo stated.

The series includes three models — MS4, MS6 and MS9 — each adhering to the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), as well as national and international standards, the company shared.

These benchmarks include the Safe Quality Food Institute Codes, Edition 9; 3-A standard 604-05; British Compressed Air Society Guideline 102; and ISO 2200:2005.

Air flow for the MS4 filtration system can withstand 360 liters per minute applications, and the MS9 can manage 7,800 liters per minute. MS6 systems are best for 2,500 liters per minute applications.

Festo also offers variations of its MS6 to address odor and moisture removal in “sensitive applications,” as well as air preparation units with lockout/tagout features, an exhaust valve and a lockable filter regulator.

The MS systems are equipped with visual red and green gauges to indicate maintenance or filter replacement needs. Operators can drain filters manually. Additionally, the systems are housed inside a corrosion-resistant mechanism to extend service life, Festo reported.

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