IRVING, TEXAS — Darling Ingredients Inc. on April 14 announced the construction of a new research and development facility in Apex, North Carolina specifically for its insect-processing subsidiary, EnviroFlight.

Construction will begin this month, April 2021, and is expected to wrap up in early 2022.

"Research and development is a core focus area for EnviroFlight, with our research team and dedicated engineers focused on all aspects of insect biology and production including genetics, immunology, animal nutrition, and innovative engineering solutions,” said Liz Koutsos, president of EnviroFlight. “As part of our growth plan, we are excited to invest in a new R&D and Corporate Center in Apex, N.C., and join the robust Triangle Region AgTech community. This new facility will allow us to continue to develop technology that leverages the potential of this amazing insect and facilitate our growth in the alternative protein industry."

The facility will support EnviroFlight’s technical research on black soldier flies and the insects’ larvae. The company will focus on expanding its knowledge of alternative uses for black soldier fly ingredients in animal health, nutrition, cosmetic products, and other product categories.

According to Darling Ingredients, EnviroFlight is the only commercial producer of black soldier fly larvae ingredients in the United States. The company hopes to scale its insect ingredient processing and research capabilities as a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for the global animal feed industry.

In December 2020, Darling Ingredients announced it would invest $20 million to expand EnviroFlight’s initial manufacturing facility in Maysville, Ky. The expansion is expected to add 173,000 square feet to the already 112,500-square-foot facility. Construction is expected to be completed by September 2021.

EnrivoFlight was fully acquired by Darling Ingredients in January 2020 from Intrexon Corporation.

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