CARDIFF, WALES — Biocatalysts Ltd, a supplier of enzymes to the food, flavor and fragrance, life science, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, has launched a new ingredient, Promod™ 971MDP (P971MDP), for use in pet food.

The new ingredient is a microbial alternative for papain and pancreatic lipase. It was developed to complement the company’s other recently launched enzyme ingredient for use in pet food applications, Lipomod™ 888MDP (L888MDP).

According to Biocatalysts, P971MDP has both high enzymic activity and cost in use, supply continuity and product quality competitive with that of papain ingredients, making it a “genuine substitute.”

“P971MDP has a broad substrate specificity that efficiently hydrolyses both animal and fish protein, which increases solubility and reduces viscosity helping with the extrusion and production of the finished product,” the company stated.

Additionally, ingredient suppliers and pet food palatant producers can include P971MDP to improve protein digestibility, which supports nutrition uptake. Biocatalysts suggested utilizing P971MDP with L888MDP to achieve improved savory flavors for pet food.

Read more about this new enzyme ingredient on the Biocatalysts website.

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