BERGEN, NORWAY — European biosciences company, Biomega Group, published a white paper Aug. 17 pointing to the use of hydrolyzed salmon peptides as a functional alternative to glycerine in semi-moist pet treat applications.

“Semi-moist treats include a complex matrix of ingredients, which is often seen as a science in itself, so it’s important to retain the balance of carbohydrates and proteins in the mixture,” commented Milka Tesla, chief executive officer of Passion4Feed AS. “While glycerine is a technical aid, it offers zero nutritional value and only serves to give pets a sugar boost.”

Biomega’s white paper, titled “Salmigo Protect L60 and its potential to replace Glycerine in semi-moist pet treats,” points to consumer demands for clean label pet food options, as well as affordability and the incorporation of more natural preservatives, as one reason for its development of Salmigo Protect L60, a protein product that could be used in the place of glycerine to offer better nutritional benefits to pets.

“Until today, there has been no viable substitute for pet food manufacturers to achieve the same results without adding glycerine as a humectant,” said Bjørn Liaset, director of research and development for Biomega. “Our ground-breaking technology Salmigo Protect L60 not only works as a substitute for glycerine but also improves palatability while increasing protein value for cats and dogs.”

The company also promoted the ingredient’s high digestibility rate, and said Salmon Protect L60 can improve energy generation, muscle recovery, gut health and lower blood pressure in dogs.

“Several scientific studies have suggested marine peptides demonstrate a range of benefits to support obesity control, manage stress related conditions, improve cognitive function and regulate blood glucose levels in animals,” Biomega stated in the white paper.

This functional ingredient, when combined properly with other ingredients and processing aids, was found to effectively replace glycerine in the company’s processing and feeding trials.

Tesla added, “The aim of the study was to reduce the starch, remove glycerine and increase the level of high-quality carbohydrates and proteins to deliver a plasticizing effect. With the combination of 100% natural pea starch and Salmigo Protect L60, we discovered that glycerine could be replaced in its entirety. This means petfood applications using this combination of ingredients can claim to be 100% natural and highly nutritional.”

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