CAMBRIDGE, MASS. — Pet Food Experts, a notable US pet food and product distributor, announced Nov. 21 its partnership with Herlitz Inventory Management to implement its HIMPACT purchasing system.

After a long search by the distributor, Herlitz’s HIMPACT solution was chosen for its superior ROI, features and benefits, Pet Food Experts stated.

“We carefully evaluated various aspects of multiple solutions and HIMPACT was ultimately selected,” said Brian Wyrostek, director of inventory management for Pet Food Experts. “We took a long time before deciding between these forecasting and purchasing solutions because of the impact it would have on our operations and bottom line. We are confident HIMPACT is the best choice.”

The solution will help Pet Food Experts improve its purchasing and forecasting capabilities.

“My team and I are really looking forward to using HIMPACT,” said Phylicia Proulx, purchasing manager at Pet Food Experts. “We know this will simplify our buying process and remove the tedious tasks that previously bogged us down… We look forward to seeing improvements to the entire supply chain, ultimately helping our vendor partners plan more effectively while continuing to improve service levels for our customers and end consumers.”

Carl Herlitz, president and chief executive officer of Herlitz Inventory Management, added, “Our team has the highest regard for the buying and IT teams at Pet Food Experts. With HIMPACT fully in place, Pet Food Experts will be able to streamline their trade show ordering, virtual or otherwise, while simultaneously optimizing their replenishment inventory. This will improve both profit margins and daily efficiency for buyers.”

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